Is it possible to disable TextBox words atuo completion feature since our own ComoboBox need to handle input and give proposed expected items. thanks. RRS feed

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  • Hey everyone:

           I have a question on TextBox on smartphone device, for default behavior the TextBox will always provide prompt box, words competition purpose, but currently in my project I don’t expect it to work as default, whenever user input, my application will provide meaningful candidate items, instead of system default behavior.   

           I have tried to set flag (SIPF_DISABLECOMPLETION) to achieve it which works OK on PPC platform, PPC support this flag, but smartphone seems not support it, from function return value and MSDN document.  

         SIPINFO  info;
         SHSipInfo(SPI_GETSIPINFO, 0, &info, 0);
         info.fdwFlags |= SIPF_DISABLECOMPLETION;
         SHSipInfo(SPI_SETSIPINFO, 0, &info, 0);

         Now my question is whether this feature can be done on smartphone? If yes what’s the solution? Please give me some tips.

           Thanks ahead.

    Saturday, February 28, 2009 6:50 AM


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