How To Add WCELDCMD to Platform Builder 6.0


  • Hi Techies,

    We are doing a WinCE6.0 headless project on ARM4VI(AT91SAM9260EK). We are debugging the C# applications on visual studio 2008

    (.net compact 3.5) successfully.

    After reset the applications are erasing. what changes we need to do, to persist the applications permanently?

    We need to install CAB Files on device. We used wceload.exe to install CAB files silently by copying the CAB files to programfiles folder on target, as below but its not successful.

     class Program
            private static string wceload = "\\windows\\wceload.exe";
            private static string arg = "/noaskdest/noui";

            static void Main(string[] args)
                ProcessStartInfo cabInstall = new ProcessStartInfo(wceload, arg + @"\NandFlash\");


    So how to add headless version of wceload "WCELDCMD" to platform build?

    Is there any alternatives to install applications on the device?

    Also we tried copying the CAB files on target device "\Programfiles\", in Activesync 4.5 Add/Remove programs these applications are not detecting.

    Please any body solve my problem.

    Thanks in Advance

    Rakesh RC 

    Friday, April 06, 2012 8:56 AM

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  • So is the problem that the applications are not installed to persistent storage? Or is the problem that the registry is not persisted? Or is the problem that WCELOAD is not present on the device? You seem to be jumping to conclusions not supported by the facts.

    We can help, but we need to know what the problem actually is!

    Paul T.

    Friday, April 06, 2012 4:46 PM
  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your reply.

    My device is Headless. so i changed the CAB installer/Uninstaller to WCELDCMD. 

    I think  registry is not persisting, as i added nothing to registry. how can i change the registry to make application persistent after every reset.

    I am newbie to WinCE, so please give me one simple example.

    Thanks in Advance



    Monday, April 09, 2012 7:02 AM
  • There are no simple examples, please review the documentation for "hive registry".

    Bruce Eitman (eMVP)
    Senior Engineer
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    Eurotech Inc.

    Monday, April 09, 2012 12:22 PM