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  • Hello,

    I'm a Windows user-developer and I've been using Windows 8 for a while now.

    Yesterday I thought what my high-school teacher would say when she sees the new Windows 8 UI (Start screen and apps). Well, I think she would be suspicious initially, she'd ask "What is this toy thing? Is it a joke?". She'd say so because she is not very into technology and these sort of things, but she used to know the normal Windows UI, which isn't for me more professional or more efficient than the Windows 8's one, but it looks like it is, or better, people consider it more professional and efficient, just because they know it very well.

    My teacher would think the new UI as a virus or some thing we students installed we were not supposed to. When she will realize that this is the new Windows' UI, she'd feel odd. She will conform to the new UI, but she will never like it and she will lose trust in Windows.

    I'll say it again: it is not because the new UI is less efficient, but it is just because this is a very big change and the new UI actually seems like a toy, a very beautiful toy. I'd use it anyway for professional purposes too, but a lot of people will be dismayed. As an instance, Facebook also did very big changes in its UI, but are they as big as Windows 8's changes?



    I'll make another example. It's like using a computer-laptop running iOS, a touch-first OS which is focused on beauty, fluidity, speed, simplicity, accessibility for all kinds of users, especially the less tech savvy, such as my teacher as a person, i.e. for personal use.

    That is what I want to say: Windows 8 UI is great for personal use because it's focused on web browsing, checking emails, social networks, games, apps, independently from the device (laptop, desktop or tablet) because they are all on our own desks. It's a completely different story if we consider professional use such as at schools or at work, because we need a more professional UI which focuses on different things (programs, not apps).

    What do you think?

    Saturday, October 15, 2011 6:53 PM