60TB of data needs home, cheapest alternative in Azure?


  • So I've been looking around at cloud services, and found some prices for storing a copy of an archive-server in the cloud.  The server is a Windows 2012 with deduplication enabled, making 60TB have a real disk size of 20TB.

    So what alternatives would you go for? I can create a server with 25TB and have the server off when it is not receiving data from the on-premise archive server. However the hazzle of turning on and off a server is rather not ideal. Another option is to store directly into SMB3 storage, but then I get no deduplication and I need to buy 60TB.

    Initially, looking at the costs of storage I do have to say that it seems rather expensive compared to just buy a cheap physical server.

    Thursday, October 8, 2015 8:18 AM