How to Enumerate Serial Number of a Storage Device in File System Driver RRS feed

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  • I have created a File system driver to allow or block the external storage devices in windows. For allowing a particular device I need to find out the Serial Number. I am using PSTORAGE_DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR to find out Serial Number but it will not work for all devices(eg: some devices shows the serial number as a special character). Is there any other possible way to find the Serial number in File system driver.

    char szBuff [1024]; STORAGE_PROPERTY_QUERY Query; //STORAGE_DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR Buffer[4]; NTSTATUS Status = STATUS_SUCCESS; PSTORAGE_DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR Descriptor=NULL; PIRP NewIrp2=NULL; PIO_STACK_LOCATION NextIrpStack=NULL; IO_STATUS_BLOCK IoStatus; char szSptr[2]={'_','\0'}; SIZE_T szLength = 0; Query.PropertyId = StorageDeviceProperty;// first set the query properties Query.QueryType = PropertyStandardQuery; KeInitializeEvent(&WaitEvent_newIrp, NotificationEvent, TRUE);// initialize the waitable event __try { memset(szBuff,0,1024); NewIrp2=IoBuildDeviceIoControlRequest(IOCTL_STORAGE_QUERY_PROPERTY, StorageStackDeviceObject, (PVOID)&Query,sizeof(STORAGE_PROPERTY_QUERY), szBuff,1024, FALSE,&WaitEvent_newIrp,&IoStatus); if(NewIrp2==NULL) { return STATUS_SUCCESS; } Status = IoCallDriver(StorageStackDeviceObject, NewIrp2);// send this irp to the storage device if (Status == STATUS_PENDING) { KeWaitForSingleObject(&WaitEvent_newIrp, Executive, KernelMode, FALSE, NULL); Status =IoStatus.Status; } } __finally { //if(NT_SUCCESS(Status)) if(szBuff!=NULL) { try { Descriptor = (PSTORAGE_DEVICE_DESCRIPTOR)szBuff; Descriptor->Size = sizeof(szBuff); uBusType = Descriptor->BusType; //Get the bus type. } except(EXCEPTION_EXECUTE_HANDLER) { /* Error handling code */ } } char pszStart[255]; if(Descriptor->SerialNumberOffset!=0) {


    //pszStart condains the serial number



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