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    I have been investigating why Windows Sidebar seems to take so long to load after booting and I decided to run xbootmgr to trace the booting process.

    I ran the following command:
    xbootmgr –Trace Boot –TraceFlags DIAG+DRIVERS+POWER+REGISTRY
    The system rebooted but it then went on a boot loop where it would reset before the login screen.

    I run a dual boot OS so I decided to boot into XP and then edit the Windows 7 registry in order to remove the startup run command for xbootmgr.  Still no joy, it just kept on rebooting before loading Windows successfully.  I booted into XP again and removed some other xbootmgr entries from the Windows 7 software hive (backing up everything first), but still no joy.  Safe Mode wouldn't boot either.  Startup repair diagnosed autofailover but was unable to repair the issue.

    In the end I decided to load last known good configuration which worked but I had forgotten that I disabled the feature many months ago so the last known good configuration included driver entries from programs that had long since been updated or removed.  I then went about reinstalling some programs and manually repairing some registry entries which still referenced old drivers.  It took me a number of hours but I eventually got things back to how they were before running xbootmgr.

    I have since re-enabled last known good configuration backup just in case I need to use it again but I was wondering how else I could rectify this issue if it happens again.  Surely, there are some registry keys which when removed would stop the trace from running so that the machine can boot as normal?

    When I was editing the registry via XP, I removed the following:
    xbootmgr command

    \System\ControlSet001\Control\WMI\GlobalLogger - Removed key

    \System\ControlSet001\Control\WMI\Autologger\XBootMgrSession - Removed key and subkeys

    \System\ControlSet001\Control\WMI\XPerfBootmgr - Removed key

    Is there anything else that could be removed in order to cancel the trace and boot Windows normally?

    Thanks for any help.

    Nick :)
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