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  • I have been working on Windows Server 2012/2012R2 as well as Windows 8/8.1 for quite some time now. I have identified some unusual behavior and based on that I have also filed a Bug with MS Support Team. However, the bugs file was rejected. Breif Description of Bugs.:

    Bugs in Windows Server 2012/2012R2

    In DHCP Server 2012/2012R2 the number of IP leases in DHCP Display statistic were different from actual number. As a result as soon as the Display statistics used to show no more IP available (though actually there were still some IPs available) , an event was thrown in the event log saying that IP pool is left with no IP and no new device was able to get an IP address and hence a major outage in the environment, as a result lots of users affected in the main branch office and the company incurred huge losses due to stalling of office work. 

    This issue is not addressed so far as the BUG filling was rejected. Not sure when will it be addressed.

    Bugs in Windows 8/8.1

    Whenever I woke my windows 8 machine from sleep or hibernation, my machine had major difficulty in connecting to wireless or ethernet adapter and some times used to blue screen with NDIS.sys driver as the victim driver. The network stack seems to be very weak and unstable in windows 8, as compare to Windows 7. Even after updating the Network adapter drivers and TCP/IP stack. nothing happened. Still facing the same issue.

    Another BUG in Windows 2012 

    The windows 2012 /2012 R2 is not compatible with HP smart array controller driver on HP Servers, as a result Win2012 keeps freezing and frequently Blue screens. The only remedy was to down grade the HP Smart array controller driver. This in turn reduced the efficiency of the Machine as the machine could not get the latest update for the controller. Still to be fixed.

    Sunday, January 11, 2015 5:18 PM


  • Why do you think reporting what you consider bugs, on a forum for writing Windows device drivers makes any sense?  Not sure about the first issue, but the other two definitely appear to be something to go to the vendor of the hardware not Microsoft on.

    Don Burn Windows Filesystem and Driver Consulting Website:

    Sunday, January 11, 2015 5:42 PM