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  • Hi,

    I'm trying to setup a report that has both a row group and a column group, but where the column groupings would only show relevant data.

    Here's a sample data set without groupings:

    Region    User    File1    File2    File3
    R1          U1        1        0        0
    R1          U2        1        1        0
    R2          U1        1        1        1
    R2          U2        0        0        1

    What I'd like to do is group them and export the report to Excel as multiple sheets. E.g.:

    [Sheet Name: R1]
    User    File1    File2
    U1        1        0
    U2        1        1

    [Sheet Name: R2]
    User    File1    File2    File3
    U1        1        1        1
    U2        0        0        1

    Note that because there was no data to display for the "File3" column, that doesn't show.

    What I end up getting though is that every sheet always contains all columns. In the real data set there are hundreds of files, but only a few that should show in each sheet, so it makes the report confusing.

    FYI, the File columns show how many times each user accessed that file. It can be any number. There is no data with zeros being passed to the report; that is a computed value using the expression [Count(FileViewID)]

    Is there any way to have the Column Group (File column) filter it's data based on the Row Group (Region)?

    Friday, August 7, 2015 1:25 AM