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  • This is a 2 part issue:

    1. How to move/delete a file after processing.  Currently we can only copy, but the original file remains in the source.  Ideally we don't want to add a separate process to get metadata and compare if processed or not.  I have been following one blog that asks to use a WEB activity and the Delete Rest API.  I have gotten to that point, but I am not able to understand/follow instructions on to obtain the ACCESS TOKEN.   It shows Curl steps, if someone can help on this would be great. 
    2. I have created a pipeline, that has 4 Main activities.  As part of this pipeline I want to be able to send email notifications for Success and failure.

    Each success of an activity moves to the next activity, but if any activity fails it will send email.  I Want to be able to have one SUCCESS or FAILURE Notification and dynamically add content to email instead of sending email on previous activity.   For Failur it seems like I have to create a separate web activity for each activity to align a Failure, which is not elegant. 

    Based on how the WEB activity is set to use the logical apps for email, we have to define the activity name that the email is associated with (at least based on my understanding). So i created a separate WEB activity for each failure email, not very elegant.

    Does anyone have a better way to handle.

    Friday, February 8, 2019 9:24 PM

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  • Hi there,

    Sorry for the delayed response. Let's go 1 by 1 on your issues :

    1. We have received this issue a couple of times in the past and are working on having an activity to delete files after copying or a move activity. For now, you can do so by Using a custom activity or a web Activity to delete the files after copying (ADLS and Blob Storage).

    2. I can think of one elegant way of doing it - you can chain a web activity after your Copy Activity and use an expression to get the status - activity('ArchiveFiles').output.executionDetails[0].status. 

    Let us know if this helps. Else we can gladly continue to probe in further.


    Thursday, February 14, 2019 11:34 AM
  • Hi,

    Just wanted to know - was your query resolved ?


    Tuesday, February 19, 2019 9:57 AM