Real Time data repliation between Un-normalized Database to Normalized Database (Uni directional) RRS feed

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  • Hi Guys,

     I am working on mainframe to .net migration project(will go live in 2014 but both will run Parallel in QA and Dev for testing), need your guidance on how to handle real-time data replication between un-normalized database to normalized database.Both are in Sqlserver 2008. We get the Un-Normalized data from other sources(e.g mainframe system, they use 3rd party tool to migrate the mainframe data into SQLserver, row count: > 5 million) so we do not have any control on it.

    Problem with the Un-Normalized Database:
    1) No Date modifed column exists

     So, Please suggest me the best way to handle real-time data replication.

    I have suggested few Approaches which may be correct or not.  Please help me in this regard.

    Option 1: write a trigger on Un-Normalized tables and execute Procedure to Insert/Update Normalized Database respective tables

    Option 2: Use 3rd party tool to compare all 5 million rows data once in a day and update Normalized Data

    [can not say real- time, always 1 day delay]

    Option 3: Create a Date Modified column in the Un-Normalized database tables , Create Trigger on tables and update Date modifed and Create jobs in the New database and update the tables based on DateModified

    [management not agreed with this option]

    Option 4: Modify MainFrame application with date modified column

    [which is ruled out, management not agreed with this option]


    Thursday, April 12, 2012 8:56 PM


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