Sharepoint 2013 SearchBoxScriptWebPart: ResultsPageAddress property


  • Hi All,

    Here's the issue we encountered and wondering if there's a solution for this.

    We have placed a SearchBoxScriptWebPart on a master page html and trying to have it linked to a custom search result page by setting its ResultPageAddress property. But for some reason, the setting on the ResultPageAdress property does not take effect even if we assign it an absolute url path, and it just keeps on going to the OOTB results.aspx page.

    Here's the code snippet on master html:                         

    <!--MS:<SearchWC:SearchBoxScriptWebPart  UseSiteCollectionSettings="true" EmitStyleReference="false" ShowQuerySuggestions="false" ChromeType="TitleAndBorder" UseSharedSettings="true" TryInplaceQuery="false" InitialPrompt="Find Doctors" ServerInitialRender="true" ResultsPageAddress="../MOT/PatientsFamilies/Pages/ClinicSearchResults.aspx" runat="server"/>-->

    Thanks for your help.

    Monday, April 08, 2013 12:57 PM

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