DreamSpark: Secure Download Manager : Cant complete any download - all ends in failure.


  • Hello,

    Since few days i have terrible problem with downloading any file with SecureDownloadManager that is required to download products from DreamSpark

    There are three scenarios how my download attept ends (And fails causing me to just waste time):

    - Download stucks on 0%, there is data transfer but there is no progress
    - Download starts, then after while of downloading ( about 30 minutes) it stops (complete lack of any data transfer) and then starts again or not. If it finishes downloading i get CRC error and SDM ask to download file again
    - Download starts (or is stuck at 0%) and i get error:
    "The download cannot be completed. If a location selection is available for this  product, select another location. If no location selection is available, the download may fail to complete because no Internet connection was found, the  Internet connection was lost or a firewall or proxy server exists between the client station and hosting location. Please try again later."

    From SecureDownloadManager.log [Download] [Error] OnErrorMessage FileKey 1 503

    The error repeats when i try again, but if it eventually starts to download i get CRC error at 100% and SDM ask me to download file again.

    - It happens both with my antivirus and firewall enabled and disabled (Microsoft Firewall is disabled)
    - I have Internet Explorer 9.0.8112.16421, 9.0.11
    - I have fully enabled javascript and activeX
    - My Java and Flash plugins are up to date
    - I tried to use diffrent internet, errors happens both at my home and at university campus internet
    - I already tried to download sdx file again, delete previously downloaded files and start again, reinstall SDM and reconnect internet, reboot my computer, clear cookies and browser cache.

    - Of course my internet connection is fully working, all other programs are downloading and uploading data flawlessly, only SDM that im forced to use is having problems.

    Friday, November 30, 2012 3:23 PM