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  • I want to implement Employee Name, Department, Image with details using ASP.net In my content page.

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  • Since you asked in the Training and Certification forum, I'll suggest the courses that teach you how to do what you want.

    If your ASP.NET application uses MVC, then you want to create a partial view that presents the Employee Name, Department, Image (which would be encapsulated in a class such as "Employee" that is the Model for the Partial View). Then, in the main view you use a List<Employee> as model and iterate over the model presenting an instance of the partial view for each item. Course 20486 will teach you how to do this.

    On the other hand, if your ASP.NET application uses WebForms then the easiest solution will probably be to use a template control such as an asp:Repeater, and then databind the control to your list of Employee. Unfortunately, the MOC courses that teach WebForms are somewhat obsolete. You may try attending course 6463, but you will find that it doesn't explain databinding in sufficient detail. If you are in this case, maybe a book or manual will be a better option to learn how to use the Repeater control.

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