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  • Just wanted to welcome everyone to the SDL Threat Modeling Forum. if you have recently downloaded the SDL Threat Modeling tool and have any questions... this is the place to do it!

    Of course, if you are new to writing secure code, and how to use processes like threat modeling, there are plenty of good resources to check out. A few books you should consider starting with include:

    • Writing Secure Code, Second Edition (ISBN 978-0735617223)
    • Threat Modeling (ISBN 0735619913)
    • The Security Development Lifecycle (ISBN 978-0735622142)
    • 19 Deadly Sins of Software Security (ISBN 978-0072260854)

    By no means is that an exhaustive list, but a good starting point. It will teach you many of the tenants of writing secure code, and more importantly how to look more defensively at your code. All good things when considering what you will be doing with the SDL tool.

    Dana Epp
    [Microsoft Security MVP]
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  • My name is Ivan Medvedev, I am the development manager of this project and I'd like to join Dana in welcoming everybody to the forum. We will do our best to help you answer any questions you may have and to resolve the issues you report in this Beta release of the SDL Threat Modeling Tool.
    Saturday, November 8, 2008 12:30 AM
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    Tuesday, November 11, 2008 6:35 PM