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  • Hello,
    I'm the author of a tool that adds new features to Excel.
    It is called Virtual Forms Framework.
    In few words:
    It enables us to easily build desktop database applications in MS Excel in minutes.
    The user needs to create a few tables in the database or a few sheets in MS Excel Workbook.

    Scans the tables with Virtual Form Designer and the forms from Create, Read, Update and Delete records from databases are ready to be used within VBA.
    It can use MySQL, MS SQL Server, Access Database or Excel Workbook as the datasource.

    My problem is that people are coming to the webpage, browse the homepage, download the Virtual Forms Framework and Sample files, and mostly nothing happens.
    Because I'm in this project (Virtual Forms) for years, and also I'm not an expert in marketing and conversions I'm stuck with what to do, or where is the problem.
    Is it that:

    * the homepage is not atractive,
    * does the homepage not have all the features listed,
    * should I move the features to a new page and list the benefits on the homepage,
    * is it maybe that the documentation is too complicated or too simple,
    *do you have any other idea how to improve the webpage,......

    The webpage is
    Here is also the link with a free access to the course with 8+hours of video instructions about the Virtual Forms with MySQL as the datasource:
    Link for the free access to the Udemy video course

    If there is anything else, just say it.

    I would really be grateful for your suggestions on how to improve the website, because I'm lost and can not see it as someone who just comes for the first time.

    Friday, December 21, 2018 11:27 PM