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  • Hi Everybody,

    I’m writing here for reporting many troubles we had while setting-up Kinect for Windows V2 (K4WV2).


    As reported in many others threads, K4WV2 has strictly requirements to be followed. One of them is to have a particular, never specified, type of USB 3.0 card (not all USB 3.0 cards are supported -


    Checking requirements by Kinect Verifier, “USB 3.0” item may show you (as it did to us) a “red X” if the USB 3.0 card you have in your PC is not suitable for Kinect.


    Reading many (angry) topics here on MDNS (, we found some cues to follow in order to buy “the suitable USB 3.0 card”. These cues states that the chipset of the card must be “Renesas” or “Intel” fabric. A full Intel-based configuration of the PC looks like to be the best choice ( As we have only AMD-based computers, we tried to solve USB issue only on the USB3.0 card-side. We bought:

    1. CSL “PCI express card USB 3.0 2 ports” art# 16841/20140716SZ009 with chip Renesas D720202;
    2. STARTECH.COM “2 ports PCI express super speed USB 3.0 card” art# PEXUSB3S2 with chip Renesas D720200;
    3. KOING ELECTRONIC “PCI USB 3.0 express card” art# CMP-PCIE2USB3 with chip Renesas D720202;
    4. TRANSCEND “USB 3.0 expansion card” art# TS-PDU3/PDC3 with chip Renesas D720202;

    All of them with chip Renesas D720202 were not working with Kinect (normally working as USB 3.0 card), instead STARTECH.COM one with chip Renesas D720200 was working properly and passed the Kinect Verifier test.

    After all these experiments, many tests with drivers, different version of Windows, PCs and configurations (and many wasted money), we finally found that chip Renesas D720200 does attempt to Kinect requirements, instead newest versions (Renesas D720201/2) do not.

    The chip difference performs different drivers to be installed:

    • Chip D720200 installs Microsoft 0096 drivers;
    • Chip D720202 installs Microsoft 0100 drivers;

    As we found personally, and also reported on MSDN (, 0096 usually work, 0100 usually not.


    It has been so frustrating to find that because it is not specified in any Microsoft Kinect requirements information and, usually, most part Sellers they don’t tell which exactly chip is on a certain card.

    nowadays it's hard to find chip D720200 because most producers have naturally updated their products to newest D720202, many times without reporting it on the product description on the e-shops.

    is there any news about this famous issue?

    Monday, December 14, 2015 2:48 PM

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  • Thanks for your analysis.

    When making recommendations to my customers I try to stay with the Intel chipset for Graphics and USB3.  I can seem to get those working.

    1. all Windows 10 updates must be done.

    2. I download the latest graphics drivers from Intel in zip format and manually update the driver.

    3. Download the latest Nvida Drivers and install them if they are being used.  Set up the kinect service to use NVIDA if present.

    4. I make sure all the system device drivers are updated.

    These steps have made me a happier Kinect 2 vendor.


    Tuesday, January 19, 2016 3:50 PM
  • thank you David.

    we also noticed that using Windows 10 instead of Windows 8/8.1 is a good point for let Kinect work.

    finally we solved our problem just buying many "suitable USB 3.0" cards.

    fortunately, we found a seller that still have cards with Chip D720200



    Monday, March 7, 2016 10:57 AM
  • Hi.

    I intend to buy an ExpressCard USB3 card.
    I can buy a NoName card with chipset NEC D720202.
    Does not work with Kinect?

    A cheap spreaded 54mm-Expresscard USB3-Card?
    Two, or better three USB3 ports. Or two and a SDXC cardreader (perfect...).

    Tuesday, August 15, 2017 2:15 PM