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        I'm working on a project to "extend" the viewing range of a Kinect by using multiple Computer/Kinects and sending the data to a server to be processed and joined together into one frame.  I have been using the BVH standard for motion capture to achieve this but am running into issues when converting the Quaternions/Matrices into the Euler angles that the BVH standard uses.

    In order to test for various solutions, I was wondering what the "zero" pose is by default.  That this, the pose the quaternions the Kinect returns are rotated from.  Also, if anyone has had any success converting this values into Euler xyz angles that wouldn't mind sharing some advice, that'd be awesome.

    Edit: To add, I've tried several pieces of code for converting the quaternions/matrices to xyz angles with varying degrees of correctness/errors.  I know that it generally is advised to avoid Euler angles and that converting from Quaternions/Matrices can be ambiguous but I don't have much of a choice when conforming to BVH.  I'd be confused as to how programs like Brekel Kinect are able to output BVH if there isn't a way to do this.
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