MSDN Windows Release Notes - July 2016 RRS feed

  • General discussion

  • This release contains updated Windows protocol documents for the July 2016 release. Documents for this release are available in Windows Protocols in the Open Specifications library on MSDN.

    The following document is new for this release:

    • [MS-CDP]: Connected Devices Platform Protocol Version 3
    • [MS-HRL]:  Hyper-V Replica Log (HRL) File Format
    • [MS-NCT]: Network Cost Transfer Protocol
    • [MS-RDPEAR]: Remote Desktop Protocol Authentication Redirection Virtual Channel
    • [MS-VHDX]: Virtual Hard Disk v2 (VHDX) File Format

    The following documents have been updated for this release:

    • [MS-ADFSPIP]: Active Directory Federation Services and Proxy Integration Protocol
    • [MS-ADTS]: Active Directory Technical Specification
    • [MS-CMRP]: Failover Cluster: Management API (ClusAPI) Protocol
    • [MS-CSSP]: Credential Security Support Provider (CredSSP) Protocol
    • [MS-FSA]: File System Algorithms
    • [MS-FSCC]: File System Control Codes
    • [MS-HVRS]: Hyper-V Remote Storage Profile
    • [MS-LCID]: Windows Language Code Identifier (LCID) Reference
    • [MS-MDE2]: Mobile Device Enrollment Protocol Version 2
    • [MS-NCNBI]: Network Controller Northbound Interface
    • [MS-NRPC]: Netlogon Remote Protocol
    • [MS-RDPBCGR]: Remote Desktop Protocol: Basic Connectivity and Graphics Remoting
    • [MS-RDPEFS]: Remote Desktop Protocol: File System Virtual Channel Extension
    • [MS-RDPERP]: Remote Desktop Protocol: Remote Programs Virtual Channel Extension
    • [MS-RSMC]: Remote Session Monitoring and Control Protocol
    • [MS-SQOS]: Storage Quality of Service Protocol
    • [MS-VAPR]: Virtual Application Publication and Reporting (App-V) Protocol
    • [MS-WFDPE]: Wi-Fi Display Protocol Extension
    • [MS-WSUSSS]: Windows Update Services: Server-Server Protocol
    • [MS-WUSP]: Windows Update Services: Client-Server Protocol     

    The following document has been removed for this release:

    • [MS-GLOS]: Windows Master Glossary

    Note that previous versions of protocol documents are now available in PDF and DOCX format. Due to production processes, the release date for older documents might not exactly match the date in the document’s footer.

    Friday, July 15, 2016 5:48 PM