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    "Don't you know there's a war going on? Between good content... and bad.

    The Internet is becoming awash with badly coded work-arounds, boring code and even... dull procedure names!

    Yet every day, brave coders hammer out elegant solutions, right here in this very forum.

    Every day, jobs are saved, careers improved and solutions found.

    Thanks to you. Yes YOU forum reader. We love you. And we love your contributions too.

    But forums are from time to time "tidied". Archived to improve performance.

    TechNet Wiki however, are where the real heroes are celebrated for generations to come.

    Never before has such a great institution needed so many, to give us so much."

    Show us your forum solutions or drop us some nifty snippets and become MICROSOFT TECHNOLOGY GURU OF THE MONTH!

    This is an official Microsoft TechNet recognition, where people such as yourselves can truly get noticed!



    1) Please copy over any solutions and revelations to TechNet Wiki.

    2) Add a link to it on THIS WIKI PAGE, so we know you've contributed

    3) Every month, we will highlight your contributions, and select a "Guru of the Month" in each technology.


    If you win, we will sing your praises, similar to the weekly contributor awards, however once "on our radar" and making your mark, you will probably be interviewed for your greatness, and eventually even invited into other TechNet/MSDN circles!


    Either way, winning this award in your favoured technology can only be very good for your career! ;)


    Feel free to ask any questions below.


    More about TechNet Guru Awards

    Thanks in advance!
    Pete Laker

    #PEJL Got a good solution? If you invest your time in coding an elegant/novel or large answer on these MSDN forums, why not copy it over to our beloved TechNet Wiki, for future generations to benefit from!

    Wednesday, October 2, 2013 8:52 PM

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