Win 7 Task Scheduler shows tasks I did not create and will not let me delete them -- password protected??!!


  • I - System Administrator (OWNER OF ALL ON MY SYSTEM).  I WENT TO DELETE SOME TASK SCHEDULER  TASKS (*WHICH I DID NOT CREATE).  These tasks will not let ME, the System Administrator (OWNER OF ALL ON THE SYSTEM), to DELETE them!@ - they are PASSWORD PROTECTED!?.   They are there by Windows Update KB issued by MICROSOFT/WINDOWS OS.  

    Where do you (Microsoft) get off with invading my operating system with crap I don't want there?  You password it so I - System Administrator (OWNER OF ALL ON MY SYSTEM) am relegated to subterfuge because I wasn't given the password.  Where do you GET OFF denying my access where I am the ONLY authorized USER!?  You are breaking laws.  My user agreement of your OS has no provision which allows you to install programs I DON'T WANT!  You ARE permitted to install updates which protect my system or improve its performance , but HEY@!, you don't have my permission/consent to SHOVE WINDOWS 10 DOWN MY THROAT and then tell me (by a message which says I cannot remove that windows update because, NOW, its a CRITICAL update and Win 7 needs it!@.  What CRAP is that?!  I want the password to remove those scheduled tasks... this is NOT a request!

    Yours Adamantly,

    Mac McG

    Thursday, January 14, 2016 9:55 PM

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