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  • General discussion

  • To help clarify your post and let people easily tell what it is about please use a clear and concise subject and include applicable tags.

    Please use no more than one of the following:
    [UWP]                 Post is specific to Windows apps targeting the Windows 10 universal app platform.
    [U8.1]                  Post is specific to Universal Windows 8.1 & Windows Phone 8.1 apps
    [W8.1]                Post is specific to Universal Windows 8.1 apps
    [WP8.1]              Post is specific to Universal Windows Phone 8.1 apps
    [WPSL]                Post is specific to Windows Phone Silverlight 8 and 8.1 apps

    And the following if relevant:

    [XAML]                Post is about Xaml controls and databinding
    [HTML]               Post is specific to HTML/JavaScript/CSS
    [DX]                     Post is about DirectX (Direct3D, Direct2D, DirectWrite)
    [VB]                     VB answers preferred
    [C#]                     C# answers preferred
    [C++]                   C++ answers preferred
    [XBOX]                Post is specific to targeting XBOX
    [Desktop Converter]   Post specific Desktop App Converter (Project Centennial)
    [ARM]                 Post is about behavior specific to Windows 10 on ARM processors


    [UWP][C++] How to do SSL Negotiation with HttpClient
    [W8.1][C#] How to prompt user to rate/review app                        
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    [UWP][XAML] How do I bind a details list to a master list?
    [U8.1][HTML] How do I use WindowsPreview.Media.Ocr in an HTML app?
    [UWP][DX] How to disable mipmap in my D3D app?
    [UWP][XBOX] I can’t go into development mode on my Xbox One console

    Wednesday, April 29, 2015 6:18 PM