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  • The following is my SANDBOX environment experience.
    I searched the forums and e-mails with announcements from MS about AdCenter, but got no clue...

    I face the following problem:

    I try to fetch a keyword performance report. In case the date range resides in dates earlier than 28 Aug 2006, I can get back the valid, but EMPTY report. For dates later than 28Aug 2006 the service answers with SOAP exceptiong (something like E_API_REPORT_NONE).

    Does anybody use sandbox environment and is reporting working fine ?

    Has anyone faced the problem that sandbox returns empty reports? I mean no data for keywords, though keywords have been published?


    And one more thing:

    I can add campaigns, adgroups and ads through sandbox WEB UI, but I I can't add keywords. The system tells me the following:

    Microsoft adCenter was unable to complete your request. Please ensure that your current session hasn’t expired and that any other software you’re using with adCenter is working correctly. If this doesn’t correct the problem, please contact the adCenter Support Team for assistance.

    I can add keywords through API and I can check they are really there (through API calls). If I create campaign structure using API calls I can see exactly what I expect using WEB UI of sandbox. But still... I can see no keywords in my adgroups.

    Tuesday, February 20, 2007 10:50 PM


  • Thanks for reporting these issues -- I understand that we already got customer escalations thru to our support staff and we are working on fixing those.


    Thursday, February 22, 2007 12:57 AM