Adding Direct3D installers/DLLs to UWP Store App


  • Hi,

    we have some issues we can't replicate at all on some customers PCs.

    One customer managed to fix the error by installing newer graphics drivers (radeon drivers v15 -> updated to latest).

    We are using Monogame but have tracked the crash to SwapChain creation in SharpDX dlls.

    It fails in native code, so C# shows no exception.

    So my question: could we ship some D3D dlls or part of the DirectX setup with our store app in case it solves

    problems for some people with old drivers?

    I know there are some licensing terms about what we can(not) ship, so I'm asking if it's possible to pack DirectX setup and

    some d3d compiler/d3dx dlls with our game in a full "release" mode?

    Monday, April 24, 2017 7:11 AM