Problems with building Localized x86 + arm 8.1 version of our game


  • Hi Everybody

    We are having some problems with getting our game localized for different languages on 8.1.

    When generating the appxupload-bundle for x86 + arm for the 8.1 version of our game, only en-US is copied into the corresponding AppxManifest.xml files.
    This happens even though the target Package.appxmanifest file for the project has been manually edited to include:
        <Resource Language="en-US" />
        <Resource Language="zh-Hans" />
        <Resource Language="zh-Hant" />
        <Resource Language="fr" />
        <Resource Language="it" />
        <Resource Language="ja" />
        <Resource Language="pt-BR" />
        <Resource Language="ru" />
        <Resource Language="es" />

    Using the same procedure for the 8.0 version of our game works without any problems.
    How do we support the remaining 8 languages for the 8.1 version of our game?

    Thursday, December 18, 2014 4:02 PM

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