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  • Can i export pst files - or mail boxe- from exchange 2003 and import them to exchange 2010?

    i have no public mail box, just internal mail for lan

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  • There is no need to export user mailboxes from Exchange 2003 and import into Exchange 2010 you can directly move user mailboxes into Exchange 2010 server.

    Please follow below steps for malbox movement :-

    1. In the console tree, navigate to Recipient Configuration > Mailbox.
    2. In the result pane, select one or more mailboxes that you want to move.
    3. In the action pane, click New Local Move Request.
    4. On the Introduction page, configure the following settings:
      • A new move request will be placed for the following mailboxes   This box displays the mailboxes that you selected in the result pane. If you want to add or remove mailboxes, click Cancel, and then make the changes in the result pane.
      • Target mailbox database   Click Browse to open the Select Mailbox Database dialog box. Use this dialog box to select the mailbox database to which you want to move the mailboxes. Click OK to return to the wizard.
        If the mailbox has an archive associated with it, the following options are displayed:
        Move only the user mailbox   Click this button if you want to move only the user's primary mailbox to the new database. This is selected by default.
        Move only the archive mailbox   Click this button if you want to move only the user's archive mailbox to the new database.
        Move both the mailbox and the archive   Click this button if you want to move both the user's primary mailbox and the associated archive mailbox to the new database.
    5. On the Move Settings page, specify how you want to manage corrupted messages:
      • Skip the mailbox   Click this button to specify that mailboxes containing corrupted messages won't be moved. We recommend selecting this option.
      • Skip the corrupted messages   Click this button to move the mailbox, but not to move any corrupted messages. If you select this option, you need to set the Maximum number of messages to skip. We recommend selecting this option only if the move request failed in a previous attempt.
      • Maximum number of messages to skip   If you select Skip the corrupted messages, use this list to specify a number from 1 through 50.
        If you specify a value higher than 50, the task will fail, and you need to use the Shell to create the move request. For details, see Move a user's primary mailbox and allow a large bad item limit later in this topic.
      • Suspend this move when it is ready to complete   Select this check box to suspend the move request before the completion stage begins. You can resume the move request at a later time. For details, see Complete or Resume a Move Request.
      You can use this feature only for online mailbox moves and when moving mailboxes from Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2010 mailbox databases. You can’t use this feature for offline moves or when moving from Exchange 2003 mailbox databases.
    6. On the New Local Move Request page, review your configuration settings. Click New to create the move request. Click Back to make changes.
    7. On the Completion page, review the following, and then click Finish to close the wizard:
      • A status of Completed indicates that the wizard completed the task successfully.
      • A status of Failed indicates that the task wasn't completed. If the task fails, review the summary for an explanation, and then click Back to make any configuration changes.


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  • Thanks a lot for your consideration of this mater dear Pawan-Kumar, actually the problem is I do not want to upgrade exchange 2003 to exchange 2010, but I want to have a full backup of my exchange 2003 on server 2003 R2 and then remove it from my AD and then setting up a new server 2008 R2 with exchange 2010, of course member of AD , and finally import all old mailboxes. All these things are and would be in a 1 LAN. It seems horrible scenario, isn’t it?      

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