windows 7 enterprise workstation returns this error after running windows updates. \\"machinename" is not accessible. you might not have permissions to use this network resource RRS feed

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  • Hi everyone,


    I am new to the forum , please forgive my etiquette if in-appropriate.


    I am running a small company network,

    2 w2k8 x 32 domain controllers

    1 w2k8 x 64 web server

    1 w2k8  x 64 application server


    15 w7 enterprise workstations.


    After running Microsoft update on all of the workstations last week. (updates had not been done for some time about 6-8 months) I began getting the following error.


    I am logged into the Domain as the ONLY domain administrator. the error occurs when I open windows explorer and try to look at other workstations or servers.


    both domain controllers run DNS WINS and one provides DHCP for a wireless leg


    all other IP'S are Static


    I am running IPV4 and IPV6 is all shut off


    Strangely, from a non domain machine on the same network for internet access... I can see the shares on both domain controllers but no other machines


      \\"machinename" is not accessible. you might not have permissions to use this network resource.... the trust relationship between this machine and the primary domain failed




    I have not updated the servers (they have not been updated since well...... sometime in 2010) and have been running just fine...


    so right now... I can't access anything...


    I suspect something to do with AD permissions and credentials has changed by doing the updates to W7E... (I am not an AD guru )


    I am considering trying to update the servers..


    can anyone with a better understanding of Microsoft updates contents confirm that would be the right action.. or is it more likely that something else has gone wrong ..


    I am aware that the error regarding the trust relationships may be resolved by re-joining the domain after removing the machine account, but I am concerned that the root cause be discovered and explained.


    Thank you for any help you can offer.




    Friday, September 13, 2013 6:40 PM