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  • I created a form (In Visual Basic (Visual Studio 2008)) that would send Data into Sheet 1 in an  Excel Macros Workbook.   After the data is sent to the Workbook, The Excel Workbook is opened and automatically loads another UserForm (VBA) (Associated with 'ThisWorkbook(Open)') - All this Works fine and well....

    I have three UserForms that would open one after the other from the Excel Macros- after closing (Unload) the one I created in Visual Basic 2008.   The problem however is that even though I used Unload Me to close each of the forms and open another one....   They are still showing under one another like a shadow -  such that require something like F5 to refresh or something...

    Please help me with the code that would refresh the screen or desktop each time one Userform closes and opens another one. 


    Saturday, August 18, 2012 10:30 AM


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