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  • I've got a c# project, where I usually use the 'publish now' button to, well, publish the product to our internal testing server.

    Problem is, I got a recurring problem coming up every now and then, and right now it is not going away:

    publish fails in one of two ways:

    I can compile and run my project right well, but when I click 'publish now', the IDE will rebuild *all* projects, even those which are not going to be published, and tells me it cannot publish because my project does not build, with funny error messages for files I don't even have like these:

    Error 37 Sourcefile "C:\Bsoft\Berta\obj\Release\About.g.i.cs" cannot be found. C:\Bsoft\Berta\CSC Bsoft.Berta
    Error 38 Sourcefile "C:\Bsoft\Berta\obj\Release\Archiv\BestellungAnzeigen.g.i.cs" cannot be found. C:\Bsoft\Berta\CSC Bsoft.Berta

    Since I don't have sourcefiles with these names in my project, I don't really know what to do about these errors.

    If, after a few reboots, restarts, or just a lot of cursing, publish does work without error (and without me changing anything), I get an other error:

    The program will start up from ClickOnce, but will fail to find the first page of the browser-like XAML app, so it crashes right after the start.

    These two bugs already have been annoying as long as they went away after a reboot, but now they are sticky and won't leave me alone, so this is getting *really* annoying!

    Any ideas how to resolve this?


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