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  • I may be venturing into the land of obscurity, but hopefully someone around here has run into the same issue...

    I am creating an InfoPath form that has a Office Spreadsheet 11.0 ActiveX control on it, and when I set the property of the control, specifically the Import tab to the URL of a .xlsx in a SharePoint document library on this same server, I get the error:  Safety settings on this machine prohibit accessing a data source on another domain.

    I am developing this InfoPath on the server (no cross domain traversing) of the SharePoint instance which hosts the document library containing the .xlsx file I'm wishing to import.  I've tried switching the form to Full Trust with no positive success.

    I very much appreciate any help in advance.


    Sorry, forgot to add the environment:

    Infopath 2007

    SharePoint 2007

    Office 2007

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  • First off here's a definition of the error:

    ""Safety settings on this computer prohibit accessing a data source on another domain" Error

    This error is caused by cross-domain settings on the local computer and occurs when accessing data across domains is not allowed. Note that "domain" refers to Internet/Intranet domain, and not to network domain.   "

    In a nutshell, you do need to allow cross domain

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