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  • I'm new to WCF programming and need help.

    Here's what I've done:

    1. Created SilverLight app
    2. Added SilverLight-enabled WCF Service to Web project
    3. Added Web reference to SilverLightproject
    4. Call my simple service from MainPage.xaml.cs

    This all works fine on the localhost.

    Now the two (probably related) questions that are confusing me:

    1) How do I deploy my new application and service to my Web site? For a simple SilverLight application with no Web service, I have simply copied the following files and everything worked:
    * [my app].aspx
    * silverlight.js
    * clientbin/[my app].xap

    However, when I try that with the SilverLight app that includes a Web service, it doesn't work. Is there something additional that I need to copy to my Web site or edit before deploying?

    2) I would think that I would have two binaries to copy - one being the xap package (that contains my SilverLight app and gets downloaded to the client) and the other being a dll (that contains my web service that will run on the server). Is that not the case? I only see a xap file in the clientbin. How do I define a WCF service that runs on the server?

    I know these are newbie questions and appreciate any help.

    Saturday, November 20, 2010 8:14 PM


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