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  • Using Visual C++ and the PowerPoint COM object (msppt9)

    In a loop processing the Shapes of a PowerPoint Slide...

       OpenClipboard();  // This call is successful. (For debug purposes only to demonstrate that the Clipboard is available.)

       CloseClipboard();   // This call is successful. (For debug purposes only to demonstrate that the Clipboard is available.)

       shape.Copy();  // or textRange.Copy();

       OpenClipboard();  // This call fails "Access Denied" on many Windows 7 systems.

    It appears that for some reason on many Windows 7 systems (but not all), the shape.copy() is not closing the clipboard???

    Why wouldn't the PowerPoint COM close the clipboard when done copying into it?


     - Thanks for any help,


    Monday, April 11, 2011 9:19 PM

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  •  Hi rzybach,


    Thanks for posting in the MSDN Forum.


    As far as I see the shape.Copy will copy object to Clipboard. I think the clipboard perhaps is closed by some logic in your project. Would you please provide some snippet for further research?


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    Tom Xu [MSFT]
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    Wednesday, April 13, 2011 3:56 AM
  • Tom,


    Thanks for looking into this.  Here is a simple code snippet that demonstrates the issue in our application.  It is actually a textRange.Copy that is causing the problem.  It only occurs on some Windows 7 systems.  And it only occurs when an Internet Explorer or Chrome window is up.  The following code will get stuck in the OpenClipboard loop. (The IE/Chrome browser window is pretty much locked up at this point also.)  When the Internet Explorer/Chrome window is closed, the next OpenClipboard call succeeds and the code continues on just fine.

       _Application*    myApp = new _Application( pWizData->pPptDispatch );   
        _Presentation*    myPres = new _Presentation( myApp->GetActivePresentation() );
        Slides mySlides( myPres->GetSlides() );
        _Slide mySlide( mySlides.Item( COleVariant( (long)1 ) ) );
        Shapes myShapes( mySlide.GetShapes() );
        long lMyShapeCount = myShapes.GetCount();
        Shape* myShape=NULL;
        for( int jj=1; jj<=lMyShapeCount; jj++ )
            myShape = new Shape( ( myShapes.Item( COleVariant( (long)jj ) ) ) );
            if( myShape == NULL )
            TextFrame* textFrame = new TextFrame(myShape->GetTextFrame());
            if( textFrame == NULL )
            TextRange* textRange = new TextRange(textFrame->GetTextRange());
            if( textRange == NULL )

            BOOL bRC = OpenClipboard( NULL );  // This call fails (Access is denied) when an IE/Chrome browser window is open.
            for( int k=0; (k<10000)&&(!bRC); k++ )
                bRC = OpenClipboard( NULL );

            if( myShape != NULL )
                delete myShape;
                myShape = NULL;
            if( textFrame != NULL )
                delete textFrame;
                textFrame = NULL;
            if( textRange != NULL )
                delete textRange;
                textRange = NULL;


     - Thanks,


    Wednesday, April 13, 2011 1:10 PM