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    This is more a mathematical problem I guess rather than a how to do it in VBA.  I'm trying to write a simple macro that will allow me to highlight people who are nominating each other for small awards.  Basically I get a copy of the datafeed from the server and run it in Excel on a monthly basis.  I have a Nominator ID and a Recipient ID along with numerous other information and I want to be able to find out if anyone is continuously nominating each other?  Been playing about with IF statements and loops but having no joy at all :(  Just not mathematically minded enough!

    Nominator    Recip        Amount    Date        Reason     etc...
    Scott             Louise            $20        12/01/06    .......
    Louise            Scott             $20        1/01/06       
    Jack                Jones            $20

     Any ideas as to the best approach?  Any help as always is greatly appreciated!


    Friday, September 22, 2006 10:34 AM

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  • Hello Scott,

    Are you interested in who has nominated who the most number of times, or who has made the most nominations regardless of who they nominated.

    If it is the latter, then just count the number of occurrences of each name in Nominator column.

    If the former then you have to match pairs, ie Scott-Louise.  See how many time Nom Col is Scott AND Recip Col is Louise or in pseudo code:

    IF NomCol="Scott" AND RecipCol="Louise" THEN

    scotLouiseCount=scotLouiseCount + 1

    END IF

    This is is only my first thought, I am sure there are other ways.



    Friday, September 22, 2006 3:41 PM
  • Hi thanks for the reply.  Yes thats got me thinking the right way now.  I am trying to highlight if people are nominating each other i.e. scott nominates louise for an award then louise nominates scott for an award, do you know what i'm saying?  I can't get my head around how it can be done!

    Any ideas? :)

    Thursday, September 28, 2006 8:34 AM
  • Sorry for the late response, but something like the previous answer will be the way to do it.

    Cant see the previous response now but something like

    if nominator="Scott" and recip="Louise" then ScottLouiseCount=ScottLouiseCount+1

    same if it is the other way around


    Friday, October 13, 2006 9:13 AM