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  • Hello, while debugging a usb-attach problem i saw something i don't understand.

    Our problem was that whenever you plugged in a  uhci device (USB1.0 ?) it would interrupt *almost* everything for arround 300 ms. This lead to problems in higher level software where certain timeouts where reached, resulting in a failure/shutdown/restart of the machine.

    I traced the problem to the UHCI driver : (this code comes from the public source WINCE8)

    VOID CHW::ResumeHostController()
        if ( m_portBase != 0 ) {
            WORD wUSBCmd = Read_USBCMD();
            // I need 20 ms delay here 30(30ns)*1000*20
            for (DWORD dwIndex =0; dwIndex<30*1000*20; dwIndex++)
            wUSBCmd |= UHCD_USBCMD_RUN_STOP;

    Instead of 20 ms, that for loop runs for about 300ms, quite allot of time doing "nothing". 

    When trying to alter this code by using :

    Sleep(20); or while(i < 20){Sleep(1);}

    Other code (CAN messages) fails, when using 

            for (DWORD dwIndex =0; dwIndex<2*1000*20; dwIndex++) 
    the other code, runs fine.

    Before trying to figuring the reason why sleep isn't good.  Is there an explicit reason why we would use a hard coded loop instead of a sleep here ?  

    Regards, Deckx Kevin

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  • Hello Kevin,

    I had the same Problem a few years ago ;) I ended up by just changing the registry settings for the USB Host (ehci&uhci):

    "HcdCapability"=dword:4   ;HCD_SUSPEND_ON_REQUEST

    Instead of


    Best Regards



    P.S. It’s so long ago, so I’m not 100% sure that this was the solution... 

    Wednesday, December 18, 2013 12:33 PM