change the pin image inside the map image that was made using soap service RRS feed

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    I have a bing maps image that I created using the Bing Maps imagery service.  I got the pushpins on it using the "ProdImageryService.Pushpin" class.  The issue that I have is that on the map that I have on the webpage, uses my custom created pushpins, where the image contains the built in pushpin icons that are assigned inside "ProdImagery.Pushpin" class under the "IconStyle" function (  Is there a way for me to get the same custom image for the pushpin inside the maps image?

    ProdImageryService.Pushpin[] myPins = new ProdImageryService.Pushpin[pinCount];
    for (int i = 1; i <= pinCount - 1; i++)
      myPins[i] = new Pushpin();
      myPins[i].IconStyle = "13";
      myPins[i].Label = dtPropertyList.Rows[i]["NumberedProperties"].ToString();
      myPins[i].Location = new Location();
      myPins[i].Location.Latitude = Convert.ToDouble(dtPropertyList.Rows[i]["Latitude"]);
      myPins[i].Location.Longitude = Convert.ToDouble(dtPropertyList.Rows[i]["Longitude"]);
    myPins[0] = new Pushpin();
    myPins[0].IconStyle = "13";
    myPins[0].Label = dtPropertyList.Rows[0]["NumberedProperties"].ToString();
    myPins[0].Location = new Location();
    myPins[0].Location.Latitude = Convert.ToDouble(dtPropertyList.Rows[0]["Latitude"].ToString());
    myPins[0].Location.Longitude = Convert.ToDouble(dtPropertyList.Rows[0]["Longitude"].ToString());
    mapUriRequest.Pushpins = myPins;

    Thanks in advance!

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