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  • Hi all

    this question is about DirectX but not about games. Feel free to move it wherever it belongs.

    I'm creating a Windows Store app which will work as a video player, using a MediaElement control.
    To prevent crashes and to provide meaningful error messages the app needs to know the supported file formats (file extension and/or mime type).

    AFAIK the MediaElement control plays every file format for which a DirectX filter is installed. The filters might be well defined in WinRT, but definitely not for Windows 8.

    In desktop world we can easily get the supported formats from the registry. We could also call IMFPluginControl::GetPreferredClsidByIndex.
    Both methods aren't available to Windows Store apps.

    Does anybody know how a Windows Store app queries the list of supported video formats?

    Tuesday, January 1, 2013 12:15 PM


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