U-SQL File Format Debugging - Dealing with Ambiguous Errors


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    I've been working with data lake over the last couple years on different projects/clients.  What I have been finding when I am responsible for writing the U-SQL code and testing against sample files, is that it is fragile.  I'm looking for some more deterministic method of resolving errors/issues.  For example  I get the following error

    Vertex failure triggered quick job abort. Vertex failed: SV1_Extract[0][0] with error: Vertex user code error.
    Vertex SV1_Extract[0][0].v1 {4335F963-5C2E-4A5B-A14D-BA4FCDCC0682} failed 
    Vertex user code error
    exitcode=CsExitCode_StillActive Errorsnippet=An error occurred while processing adl://

    Looking at this error I get nothing on which to go.  So I have come to the plan of just trying something different when I run into these.  What is the standard way to approach such nondescript errors?  At this point on this error I think I'm out of things to try, and really don't what what the next step would be. 

    BTW, I also get the following in diagnostics:Diagnistics screenshot



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  • Errors that have to do with compilation or runtime errors often have a high level message, and a nested more detailed description. That should who up whether you are on portal or in VS, but you have to hunt thru more text (we're improving this).

    Is this the entire error message here? Can you share the job view where it shows the status and graph?

    I would generally suggest you use Visual Studio to do some of the following:

    - Do a local build - this helps find syntax errors without a round trip to the cloud, and uses VS's error markers and so on to help you see things more easily.

    - Do a local run of the script (F5, CTRL-F5) - by running against the "local" account you can see all execution output and errors on your machine as they happen. You should bring down some sample data from your account.

    - Step thru user code or set breakpoints - to get into the C# and observe row data and what is happening with it.

    - Open the failed job from VS and see what the job view window gives you - we try to build in smarts on understanding job failures.

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