Not Eough memory to Complete operation RRS feed

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    I've been struggling with the issue of PACKing some OleDb records in VFP tables via OleDb driver and finally it seems I've devised an approach that almost worked.


    The idea was to create a dummy DB in VFP, write a SP in it just to open all other DBs EXCLUSIVELY and PACK all the tables I want.


    On the first try I ran into the error message which is in the heading of this post.


    I can run the same commands from VFP Command Window hundred times and never run out of memory. The machine I have is very powerful: 2Gb RAM.


    Is there a buffer somewhere in OleDb which limits this operation?


    What other options shall I try to pursue to resolve it?


    I just ran a piece of code to get the RootEnumerator for OleDb Service Providers and on VFP Provider I got this line (6 fields in the row of the DataReaderSmile


    VFPOLEDB  {50BAEED9-ED25-11D2-B97B-000000000000}  Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Visual FoxPro  1  False  {50BAEED9-ED25-11D2-B97B-000000000000}


    is it a useful piece of info? What does 1 mean?. What about false?


    Can it say something about a possible memory bottleneck?



    Thursday, October 18, 2007 6:49 PM