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  • Windows is supposed to be an operating system so I think it should do

    just that operate my system manage hardware and resources

    and hopefully prevent most security issues but basically bring the

    hardware and software etc all together the metro ui may not be everyones favorite

    but I understand most of you are programmers etc

    my mother who does nothing but email and facebook and banking

    loves it so it will likely serve the target audience well

    that being said this is not even a beta release it is for you programmers to

    get a headstart on windows 8 supporting apps and too take the opportunity to debug

    in my opinion this developers preview should be os operation focused

    and ui secondary where as the beta can serve opposite with the ui primary

    and os secondary I would love Microsoft to put out a solid os the windows defender

    is good I hope they can release win 8 without security patching for a several months

    and I like how they are moving towards hardware management it makes a much more productive

    system and a secure one Microsoft should build a good os -- build solid walls around it

    and let security software do the protecting or not.....

    it is for everyones benefit to find every bug or security vulnerabilty

    and report it make one thread or forum to the ui experience and take that on in the beta

    get a solid os first



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