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  • I have a single window (borderless and transparent) application.  I have several grids that contain controls.  At the top of the application I have a back and home button.   Each grid is a separate screen based on my original Sketchflow Prototype but I am building the WPF application from scratch.

    I am wondering if there is a simple way to implement the NavigateToScreenAction and NavigateBackAction  within a standard WPF applcation.  Or some other simple XAML trigger/action that I could use to navigate my Grid's without a bunch of Code-behind written to keep track of screen navigation.

    I have already built a series of VisualStates for each grid that uses a TransitionEffect and DoubleAnimation through a Storyboard to fade in and out the grids.   I have  added Interaction Triggers using EventTrigger to make the Grid visible and execute the transition.   The problem is how to navigate back or go home not knowing which screen I have displayed and which one I was last on?

    For Example I have

    Grid1 (the Main Grid that normally displays and the HOME screen)





    If I go from Grid1 to Grid2  and I press Home I need to hide Grid2 and then display Grid1.  

    If I go from Grid2 to Grid4  and I press BACK I want to hide grid4 and display grid2

    Jeff Davis

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  • No reply to this?  I'm still figuring out how to do this.

    Jeff Davis

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