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  • Following up from a previous question...


    To get some semblance of Intellisense in XML editing mode for XAML (Even in full screen XAML mode Cider just has to many issues for us to use it with lots and lots of XAML that has been generated from Blend) we copied Xaml2006.xsd and XamlPresentation2006.xsd from the VS2005 xml/schemas folder to the VS2008 xml/schemas folder.


    Those two xsd's we know are not complete and have errors but also they do not contain any .net 3.5 additions.


    I have read that VS2008 no longer uses xsd for intellisense. I do not know if that is true (but the lack of those files existing in the 2008 xml/schemas folder is a good bet).


    My question is what is the mechanism and is there a way to get it applied to the XML editing mode?


    Anyone have any clues on this issue?






    Monday, March 17, 2008 4:22 PM