SignalR performance counters stopped reporting RRS feed

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  • Hi!

    After a lot of trial and error I managed to get SignalR performance counters reported from my Windows Server 2012 R2 with IIS 8.5

    - I installed the performance counters using "signalr.exe ipc"
    - I added the application pool identity to the "Performance Monitor Users" group ("IIS AppPool\TheNameOfMyAppPool"). I also added "Network Service" to this group, even though I do not know if that was neccessary
    - In ApplicationInsights.config i added:

    <Add PerformanceCounter="\SignalR(myapplicationpool-lm-w3svc-4-root)\Connections Connected" ReportAs="SignalR connections connected" />

    - After trying to restart the IIS and recycle the app pool a couple of times, data started appearing in my azure portal.

    However, as I made some changes to the web.config and recycled the app pool again, no more data is reported. I can see the values of the SignalR performance counters using perfmon on the server, but nothing is reported any more. The charts are showing "No data for...". There are no diagnostics errors in Application Insights Status Monitor on the server.

    What can I do to debug this? What could be wrong? I haven't created any specific outbound rules in the firewall, but since I have received some data, I do not think that is the problem.

    Thank you!

    Friday, May 13, 2016 11:48 AM