Prefetch Abort :: IFileSinkFilter->SetFileName RRS feed

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    I've written an application which builds the graph for capturing some data in a file. Name of the file is _Temp_.ext


    Later, while closing the file, the file name is changed to user defined name.


    While setting the name, I'm calling the function


    CComPtr<IFileSinkFilter> ptr_FileSink;


    ptr_FileSink ->SetFileName(FileName,NULL)


    This works fine for 15-16 times, with proper data in the file and proper file names.


    But after that, it crashes in SetFileName function with "Prefetch Abort" error.


    Mine is a multi threaded application. I suspect a timing issue as in the fetching of instruction happens when the corresponding dll is not presently loaded.


    Has anyone seen this type of scenario? Any idea on why prefetch abort occurs will help too.




    Tuesday, November 11, 2008 11:31 AM