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  • Actually ,It became damn easy to develop business apps with lightswitch. 
    I want to develop accounting software that would be usable in company through 20 employee in local network and my database is SQL.
    But I am in doubt that how flexible lightswitch is for this propose  in following terms:

    how would be its performance in network and fetching huge records from SQL VS using traditional C# after increasing number of records in database?

    How lightswith would be act in Pentium III systems,because most of the companies still using pentium III?

    Are the Lightswitch application interfaces customizable or static as predefined in Visual Studio?

    One major problem that exist is about generating report,is any free tool to handle this in lightswitch easily?

    What problem in future would be emerge when need to extend the application features?

    So, Please share your experience  about developing apps by lightswith ?

    In conclusion which one is more suitable for my purpose? 

    Wednesday, December 19, 2012 5:29 AM


  • Hi

    LightSwitch only care about data. If your application depends on data then lightswitch is the better platform to develop. You can choose C# or VB as per your requirement. LightSwitch know both language. As LightSwitch is based on MVVM model, So I think it should not cause issue when fetching huge no of record from database. Follow : This Is How LightSwitch Does MVVM

    LightSwitch 2012 have two types of client one is Silverlight and other one is HTML5 (Preview). HTML5 basically stands for mobile browser application. But for pc client you have to go for Silverlight. If your machine support Silverlight then only you can able to run lightswitch application. It does not depends upon hardware configuration.

    In lightswitch there are so many way to change the interface. In market there are many custom shells and themes are available to customize lightswitch application interface. You can also develop your own theme and shell and use it in your application. Kindly check out the below thread, you will know how far you can take lightswitch.

    Visual Studio LightSwitch Gallery

    The Good, Better and Best, I will mark for SSRS. It is free and also more productivity. You can also use third party reporting controls like DevExpress, Telerik and Infragistics. If you want to produce your report by using Office System then Grid Logic Office Integration Pack will help you to solve your issue. To know more about Reporting follow the below thread.

    Reporting and Printing in LightSwitch

    LightSwitch have its own update feature. So I think in future your application will work fine.

    I think the above little explanation enough for you to start an application by using LightSwitch 2012.

    Hope this help...


    Rashmi Ranjan Panigrahi

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