Deploy appx to other device on WP 8.1


  • I need to be able to deploy my appx to some other device without uploading it to the store and without the LOB procedure.

    I created a certificate as described here  and signed the appx as described here .

    I installed the created certificate on some other machine (win 8.1 and also win7) that is not my development machine. When I am trying to deploy my appx to some other phone from this machine I am getting the following error from appdeploycmd.exe:

    Error - A packaging error prevented this application from installing

    When I am doing the same from my development machine it is working well.

    Can someone explain what is the issue?

    Is it even possible to load appx to other devices without the LOB way?

    Does it suppose to work in win7?


    Monday, May 18, 2015 9:39 AM