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  • Hello All,

    So I have some concerns about the following statement prominently displayed on the windows adk download page:

    A Windows ADK for Windows 10, version 1909 will not be released. You can use the Windows ADK for Windows 10, version 1903 to deploy Windows 10, version 1909.

    My concern about this is the result of a particular issue I am having after having deployed windows 1909 after modifying the install.wim with the windows adk version 1903 and certain past experiences.  First, let me stop with the problem.

    The problem that I am running into has to do with audio dropouts that are the result of buffer underruns.  I have am application that I have used called latencymon which is confirming this.  I also want to be 100% clear here that I have already looked into the reasons listed in the below picture, and none of them are applicable, so please do not try to suggest that I perform one of the fixes listed below:

    I also want to make perfectly clear that I very recently performed a clean install of the operating system on my computer, so I am also very certain that it is not an issue with the os:

    I believe that the reason that this is occurring is due to the fact that I used the windows adk 1903 to manipulate install.wim file for and deploy windows 1909.  The reason I believe this to be the case is because, several years ago, Microsoft had recently released a new version of windows 10 at that particular time, and I was so excited to test it that created an mdt task sequence and deployed it without first updating the installed version of the adk to match the newly released version of windows 10.  So, while the operating system upgrade succeeded, my machine was constantly exhibiting the exact same problems with audio dropouts that I am experiencing now.  In fact, I only realized the mistake I had made in not updating the installed version of the adk when I had become fed up with the constant audio dropout and was going to revert back to the previous version of windows 10.  So, I updated the installed version of the adk to the correct version, recreated the mdt task sequence, and redeployed, and I never ran into the issue again...  Until now that is, after I used the windows 1903 adk to deploy windows 1909.  And while the windows adk download page indicates that it is safe to use the 1903 adk to deploy windows 1909, I cannot help but be skeptical considering that, last time I ran into this problem, the source of the problem was the fact I used a version of the windows adk that was less than the version of windows os that it manipulated and deployed.  Would be really interested in hearing your thoughts, Microsoft.

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