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  • Hello All


    We have Asynchronous DB Mirroring established for our Production database

    which runs on SQL Server 2005.


    For the DR Test we plan to do the following during the period of low activity :


    1. Pause the mirroring on the Principal Server.

    2. Break the mirror on the Mirror Server

    3. Take on offline backup on the Mirror.

    4. Bring the Mirror Database up.

    5. Run the DR Tests on the Mirrored Database

    6. Restore the Offline Backup taken in step 3.

    7. Reestablish the mirror from the Principal to Mirror.

    8. Resume Mirroring on the Principal Server.

    9. Verify Mirroring is happening on the Mirror Server


    Can u please let me know if this plan is feasible and if there should be any modifications to the plan that are required. Any other suggestions/input is appreciated.








    Wednesday, April 25, 2007 7:49 PM


  • Hi Jay,


    You do need to pause and break the mirror on two different places to start with. Also I don't think your plan is feasible.


    If you want to test the Mirror. DO the following:


    1. Perform a backup of Principal database.

    2. Break the mirror. (if you don't intend to keep changes from DR test)

    3. Bring the mirror online.

    4. Do your tests on the mirror.

    5. Once finished testing, restore the database backup , taken in Step 1, to the as mirror db on mirror server.

    6. Apply any logs if any necessary.

    7. reconfigure mirroring.



    Wednesday, April 25, 2007 11:11 PM