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  • Hi!

    There's a problem with rich text editor in my clients enviroment. When you paste text (example form notepad),

    editor add space after header so there's wide gap between header and text.

    Also, it replaces <p> tags with <div>, so text looks messy.

    Have anyone met this problem before? Thanks for any help.

    Antti/Sharepoint developer

    Antti Astikainen

    Wednesday, March 21, 2012 7:10 AM

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  • Hi AnttiUI,

    I can't reproduce your issue. As a workaround, could you paste the text as pain text by clicking the Paste > Paste plaintext under Format Text tab on the ribbon, then apply styles to the plain text in rich text editor?

    Best regards,

    Emir Liu

    TechNet Community Support

    Friday, March 23, 2012 7:55 AM
  • Hi Emir,

    I tested it again in a "clean" enviroment. As you said, I pasted plain text first and then edited it, works little better.

    Still, it add's extra <p>&#160;</p> after the paragraf and makes wide space if you add more text later.

    Also, when I save and publish page, then netx time I find that there's extra <div></div> after header and paragraf.

    For me, this isn't a problem, but most users are not familiar with html.

    I just checking with this that may this be rich text editor problem what requires some fix from microsoft.

    Best regards


    Antti Astikainen

    Monday, March 26, 2012 10:11 AM