Interface Language issues with the creation of microsoft online E3 accounts via powershell msonline module RRS feed

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    In my company, we have a microsoft online E3 subscription with 25 Users. To create new accounts we use the following powershell command. Please note that we create them in english.

    New-MsolUser - UserPrincipalName "" -Password "mypassword" [..] - UsageLocation "EN" -PreferredLanguage "en-US"

    This works fine and the users are created without issues, but when users start their own web applications like Outlook excel, One Note or word, there are often different display languages.

    So when I start outlook, I have german. Then I start Excel, and I have French. Later I try One Note and my app is in English. 

    Since, we are in switzerland, I dont know if this issue is related to the fact that we have 4 different languages, but this mix of languages is kind of confusing.

    The problem is that there seem to be no specific language policy. I haven't found any powershell command to do so.

    Is there any option to get users in one and only specific language in powershell? Any help would be highly appreciated. 

    Friday, June 26, 2020 10:50 AM

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