Custom RTE styles with LESS


  • I have a project where the customer wants to add some custom RTE styles to the ribbon, and in this project we are using LESS. 

    We have a main css (less) file that imports a few other stylesheets at the top with @import. If i try to add my RTE styles to the main css file it does not show up in the ribbon. I tried making a simple css file with just my RTE styles and importing that at the top of my main css, but same result. The only way I have got it working is by adding a script editor to the page with a link to my RTE style css, but I cant do that on every wiki page. 

    So my question is basically, have anyone ever used LESS and made custom RTE styles, or have anyone ever stumbled across this problem? 

    Tuesday, February 21, 2017 12:06 PM

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