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  • I just downloaded a trial version of Expression Web 4 Pro.  I can open my old Front Page 2002 pages and update them, but am unable to publish them to comcast.net.  I do not know what some of the site setting items should be for comcast.  In the name space, I put ~krmckm (from the web address: http://home.comcast.net/~krmckm/index.htm ).  In the location space, I put the ftp address that has always worked in the past.  In the directory space I put the full http address above.  I then put in my user name and password for that directory and left the "use passive FTP" box checked.  When i click on "Publish .. page" I get a login box with my user id filled in.  When I put in my password and click ok a "window security" box appears telling me I have to enter my user name and password.  This box has  "home.comcast.net/krmckm" in the user id box and leaves the password for me to fill in.  Each time I enter my password and click ok, the same box reappears - even if I put my real user id in the box.  Can anyone help me get past this so I can connect to comcast and publish my page?
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  • FTP does not connenct with http.

    Ask Comcast if you have an FTP account and what the connection information should be.

    Thursday, May 12, 2011 11:25 PM
  • Sounds like you've been using the FPSE to publish which Comcast has supported in the past (don't know if they still do) so you need to select http publishing from the dropdown instead of ftp. If you are unable to publish with the http method selected then you will need to contact Comcast or read their FAQs on publishing since that's a server issue not an Expression Web issue.
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